Saturday, October 11, 2008

The long wait...

Decided to go home last night after my PM shift. I logged out of the area around 11:30pm hoping we could get home earlier. My room mate and I traveled together and on our way to the bus terminal, the tricycle needed to drop one of his passengers in one of the subdivisions in the downtown area. The trip was quite long so by the time we arrived at the terminal, the bus had already took off. We waited patiently and ordered some food and hot choco from Dunkin Donuts and it was around 1am when the bus arrived. *Phew. That was a long wait and it was kinda scary knowing that it's already wee hours in the morning. Good thing, my room mate's guy friend arrived as well and there were like three of us now. And because there wasn't any air conditioned buses available during those times, we took a non air conditioned one. It was suffocating so we needed to slightly open the window to allow fresh air to get inside. I agree it was a tiring night for us though it's still nice to come home. Haha.

*Photo by *alabaster-retard of deviantart.

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ying said...

there really is no place like home. parang ako noon, while I was still working in Gen. Santos City. All week I am there, in a rented apartment that I share with officemates, then when Friday night comes, I make it a point to catch the 9 p.m. last trip bus to Davao City. I arrive home at around 12 to 1 a.m....Then every Monday I take the 4 a.m. bus trip back to Gensan...talagang sinusulit ang weekend...oh well, those were the days. =)