Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's Definitely Hard To Say Goodbye

It's definitely hard to say goodbye to someone close to you, especially who is a part of the family. It's even harder when the form of death is a voluntary one. Questions were lingering in our minds. "Why? Why decide to end your life? Why not sought our help? Why absorbed all the pressures in your life within you."

It's hard to accept as it is still hard to believe. Nevertheless, we don't own her life. We had no control of it. We had no clues of why she had done it. She has her reasons. We didn't know how unbearable it was for her. All we wished is that she should have not dwell much on her problem and thought about her family and the people who loved her before doing it. Perhaps our coping mechanism is different from hers. Who are we to judge then?

Now, all we want is for her to receive eternal peace and to be forgiven for what she has done.

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