Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will Retire To Bed In A Minute

Yes! After I'm done with this post. Wasn't able to sleep the whole night, I guess due to the effect of alcohol. Went out last night to help my cousin with her bazaar and bought some Ellana make up minerals from her. I'm so excited to try it, in fact I even tried their Fantasy eyeshadow. It's in a shade of blue, so nice! Also I even used the baby buki brush I purchased from her, it was so soft. So addicting to use. I was so happy with my purchases.

Right after the bazaar, it was around midnight that we closed our store. My other cousin fetched us and we just chilled, went bar hopping and drank some beer. It was a long time since we haven't bonded and there's so much we have to talk about. And we exactly did!

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