Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pain is Indeed Being Replaced with Blessings..

The past has been haunting me. The pain that I felt from the break up keeps coming back plus the fact that there are still present circumstances that added to the pains that I am feeling. I pledge to Him that I forgave these people who caused me so much pain. But then again, as human, I still can't avoid the feeling of being hurt and I don't want to get mad nor build grudges on them again. But God is definitely so good!

Despite of these pain, He replaced it with blessings. My prayers has been answered. I can't help but feel joyful in Him. Somehow the pain was diverted into happiness and gratefulness. He truly is merciful and comforting. He truly loves unconditionally.

*Photo credited to Cataclysm_X of devianart.

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