Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Think This Year's My Worst Year...

Year of the ox seems to be the worst year of my life. Following the break up, been sick several times this year. And I hate the feeling of getting sick. Now I'm suffering from recurrent flu and got 38.1 degrees Celsius temperature. Hays. The hot feeling and at the same time the chills really bugs me. And because of this, I can't get to sugbonding with my friends tonight. Crap!

Paracetamol only gave me temporary relief but I'm still hoping I'll get well ASAP!. Don't wanna be absent for tomorrow's duty. Seems like my body's stressed out from work and at the same time with the weather changes we have right now. Even Vitamin C's not helping.

*Photo credited to Axel_desu of deviantart.

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