Saturday, October 17, 2009

Driving Around McDo Bajada

After duty yesterday, my group mates and I were very happy that Sir Jun offered to drive us to Victoria Plaza with his Montero Car. It all started with a joke. We were teasing him during our duty to drive us to the mall in his car, without really knowing he really has one. While dressing up for home, we were all surprised when suddenly Sir Jun asked us if we are going with him. We were caught off guard because we really didn't expect that he was taking our joke seriously and that he really did have a car. And so we readily said yes! While he was driving us around Mcdo bajada, I saw a familiar face of a pretty lady. I realized she was my schoolmate back in college and I can't believe she lost some weight. I wonder if she uses some weight loss pills or perhaps it's the result of her working as a flight attendant.

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