Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Heartbreak Again

Every time I see the face of that girl I hated, that seemed happy and inlove with my ex boyfriend, I still feel a little jealous and hatred. Jealous because my ex isn't around with me anymore, and is diverting his attention to this girl to cover up his emotional longings towards me. And hatred because, he didn't believed me and instead succumbed with his jealousy and anger and left me.

Though after almost 2 years of being single and heartbroken, I find myself difficult to love another. And over and over again, I still have heartbreaks over my ex. I guess with all these emotional stressors, is there still a best anti wrinkle cream to prevent my face from forming some wrinkles? I do hope so, because this is one thing that stresses me. Luckily, I've already accepted the fact that it's over and I'm moving on. I guess, there's no more turning back this time. I just hope he's happy with his decision and with his new girl.

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