Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy

Certain parts of Manila has been greatly affected by typhoon "Ondoy". People from various status were greatly affected. They need food, clothings, shelter, medicines and other stuffs. As of now, deaths has increased to a hundred. Most of them were kids who were drowned and got trapped from their houses. Though Philippines is being frequently visited by typhoons, this is the worst thing that happened to our beloved country. Still, many people are missing and rescuers are still on it's effort to save them.

Here's one striking video I found online. Had seen this on TV and I really got teary eyed watching these people swallowed by the flood helplessly. Bystanders on the bridge tried to help them but failed due to the water's strong current.

My fellow Filipinos do greatly need your help! Please visit this site on how to extend your help in any kind.

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