Sunday, September 6, 2009

Meeting New People

I had the chance to meet new people. This time they were Koreans. The first time I met them was when I dropped by in a restobar where my friend was and just said "Hi" to them while chatting for awhile with my friend. I didn't had the time to stay longer with them as I have also friends waiting for me in the taxi.

And so last week, I had the chance to be with them again and hanged out with them together with my friend. These Korean guys were funny and gentleman. We accompanied them to the PAL office, had dinner with them and accompanied them to go the grocery. We even rode the jeepney and for almost 3 months that they were here, that was the first time they rode one. They were like typical Filipinos who were "makulit" and funny. The only difference is the language. There are times that we can't understand one another due to the fact that their English vocabulary's not that good yet and often times they mispronounced some english words. We ended up letting them spell the word for us. LOL!

The experience was fun and different. I had the chance to learn more about their culture and also found out that the first few months they were here, they didn't appreciate Filipino foods. They find it oily or too sweet or too salty. But after awhile, they got used to it and liked it especially the barbecue and halo-halo.

My friend and I were also amazed with their medicating ointment. One of them got injured weeks ago and had a big wound around his right forearm. But now, with the Korean ointment he was using for his wound, it left no scars on it. There wasn't even any marks that would remind him of his injury. Amazing! No wonder they have nice skin.

I had fun with them but I just wish they learn more english words. Haha.

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