Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Vanity Side...

My cousins and I went to the beach yesterday. There was no formal plans mad ahead. Out of boredom we decided to cross Samal Island and hit the beach. The water was inviting but what was disappointing was the sharp corals underneath that made it hard for us to walk through it by feet.

Surprisingly, heavy rains poured down and strong winds that made it quite impossible for us to head home. We were planning to stay overnight if the rain won't go away but God was good and the rain had stopped and we were able to cross back to Davao City safely.

Exhausted, we arrived home laughing with our mishaps. Tired as I am, I still managed to hit the shower and applied my moisturizer for the face and my best eye cream before sleeping.

Next time we go outing, we should have an extra money and credit card on hand for emergency purposes.

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