Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Surprising But Doubtful News

Justify FullSpent time awhile ago to chat with my friend. She asked me how I was and talked about our careers in the future. Hehe. Suddenly, she told me she have to tell me something. Then told me she thinks she's pregnant. At first I was like, "are you for real"? Honestly, this is the first time I heard directly from a friend that she is pregnant and it was surprising on my part but at the same time I was grateful because she entrusted this news to me. And so I asked her what made her think she is pregnant. Well, she thinks her boyfriend's experiencing couvade syndrome like mood swings, she's one month delayed and took a home pregnancy test which is positive. Okay they may be signs but I think for now they are just presumptive signs yet, I believe. And so I suggested she take it again after two months. *Phew. Good thing she's not that alarmed and I think she wants this but of course she's nervous as well. Oh well, I dunno what to feel for her. Hehe. I just hope she'll be happy whatever the result will be.

*Photo credit to ~chocos of deviantart.


Ron Centeno said...

Very good news if she's expecting and alarming if unexpected.

Crissy said...

well...she's kinda expecting and wanting it but they're not married yet.