Saturday, March 7, 2009

Insurance For You

A few days ago, my mom received a phone call from an insurance agent offering her an insurance plan for free. My mom was skeptical at first with the offer, thinking what's the catch behind it. And as their conversation progressed, this certain insurance plan is free as long as you buy their other plan, which is of course more expensive. And the agent is kind of forcing her to purchase it. *Phew. But my mom firmly said no. LOL. There are various offers from different insurance companies we receive these days, and without careful thinking and interrogation, we might fall for their deceitful offers. So we need to find a reliable and an affordable insurance to cater our needs. There are a lot that we can find online, and it's easier to compare certain life insurance rates through it. To compare life insurance rates go here

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Ron Centeno said...

Agents are always very good at talking you to buy their product. As you said there are a lot of companies and you can compare and choose what best works before you finally decide.