Monday, January 10, 2011


Indeed, regrets always comes last. Our decisions majorly influenced our lives. We are given choices in everything and being a rational being, we have this capability to choose and to decide. If we don't think carefully, we might end up choosing the wrong choice, thus ruining our lives.

I've been struggling to break free for more than two years. An it is just recently that I had totally moved on. Heartbreaks were overwhelming. Can't find myself going back from that scenario. It was depressing. But I bravely went through all the emotional turmoils before I became what I am now. I become wiser and braver. And I can seem to think clearly. I came to love myself more.

I realized then it is somehow true that everything has a reason. Because without passing through that darkest moments, I wouldn't have seen the light now. It was a blessing in disguise. Now I can't say I had regrets, only lessons.

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