Sunday, December 13, 2009

Experiencing God's Presence

I am grateful for my cell group seniors for inviting me over to G12's Ignite. For all the information of everyone, I was experiencing depression, hatred, anger and spiritual dryness over these past months and I was seeking to reconnect with God again. I believed God sent my cell group leaders to help me lead me back to him.

From my personal point of view, Ignite is G12's form of retreat. G12 is a Christian Community open for all people from different walks of life and from different religions. This community help you build a personal relationship with God.

Ignite was a one day event with a series of lecture. It was kinda boring listening all day and sitting in your chair. But I was trying to fight back that boredom by eating chips to divert my boredom. In fairness to the community, I learned a lot from that lectures.

The highlight of this event is the part where you get to experience God's presence through the Holy Spirit. We were all asked to stand in front, close our eyes and raise our hands. I prayed and asked God to accept me. I was there because I wanted to feel His presence and so I was seeking and asking Him to receive my desires. True enough, while praying and focusing on my desires and just surrendering myself to Him...I burst into tears, weeping aloud and felt my hands got warm and there was a tingling sensation. Then I felt a heavy feeling coming from my fingertips down to my arms. It was so heavy that I needed to shake my arms and even my legs. I felt my body shaking while picturing out a white dove flapping it's wings. I was following what the dove was doing. My hands felt like the dove's wings flapping. Fear of the heavy feeling I felt was my initial reaction, but the prayers of our guides really did guide me to receive God's presence. My friend beside me started to utter words, "Come into me! Come into me!". The voice was firm and getting louder. It seemed like her voice was glowing as I describe it and I felt God's presence in her as well. It felt like God was speaking that words. It was an amazing experience! I felt inner peace after that. The peace that I was longing for.

*Photo credited to Johnharper of Deviantart.


Kenneth Porio said...

Hi Ate Crissy. Long time no see.

Congratulations that you experienced God!

Is that "G12 Campus" you are talking about or another church? Who invited you to this event? Who's your cell leader?

I want it to know because I'm from the Lord of the Harvest Christian Community, the owner of the G12 Campus. I am already an emerging leader in this church, and I'm glad lots of people like you came into our church to experience the presence of the living God.

Keep the Fire Burning, Ate Crissy! I will be praying for you. I hope to see you in church someday.

God bless you!

Crissy said...

yes ken, G12 campus of Lord of the Harvest Community nga. Kuya Dong, Kuya Chiqui and Ate Sweet invited us over.

Nice to know you belonged on that church.

Thank you!