Monday, June 1, 2009

Remembering My Psychiatric Nursing...

When you stay at home and got no job, it's really boring. As much as you want to, you want to keep yourself busy. But there times that you find yourself just sitting down or lying around, keeping yourself entertained by thinking about many things or even reminiscing. I recently remembered my Psychiatric Nursing days when I happened to do some blog hopping and saw one blogger wearing a psychiatric nursing shirt. Memories started pouring in. Back then, I was assigned in a private drug rehab institution where psychotics are also confined in the other building. That exposure was fun! We were interacting with our patients and there are times that we forgot we are communicating with psychotics. They all seemed normal at first glance even the addicts. And I learned that not all rehab patients that were confined there were addicted to drugs. There were some patients were admitted due to addiction to gambling, cutting classes and etc. Therefore, addiction is not merely focused on drugs alone.

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