Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blue Jaz Resort

It's summer! And part of this season is going to the beach with friends. It was a pleasure to join this group to Blue Jaz Resort in Samal Island.

We took the boat going to the resort at Beachside Resort in Lanang. It was a whole day experience in the beach. It was very hot and the sea water is very inviting to dip in. What I was excited to do in the resort is to try their new big waterslides. Unfortunately, it will cost you P90 for that so we opted not to.

What's good in this place is it's nice to take pictures. And we had a lot of it.


Lindz said...

you all look sexy, dont worry about bulging tummy... nasan? hahaha wala naman akong nakikita..

Crissy said...

awts..hahaha...tago galore...hehehe