Thursday, February 12, 2009


Pimples popped out of my face the moment I set foot at Manila. Never had an idea how stressful life was there. Everyday we have to walk to and from our destination and go up and down the stairs if we're using the MRT. It was fast paced compared to Davao and I wasn't used to it and had experienced body aches from too much walking and climbing up the stairs. Nyahaha. The pollution was terrible as well, I was wearing my flip flops most of the time and I can see the dust residue along the straps of my slippers and at the soles of my feet. Eww! Good thing I have a wet tissue in my bag so I can clean my feet often. Hayz. I know I'm stressed out there since I wasn't used to the lifestyle and I think I need something for detoxifcation like Slimquick Cleanse.

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